Smart Kitchen Appliances For 2021

Smart Kitchen Appliances in 2021

Voice Controlled Microwave

AmazonBasics Microwave bundle with Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Heather Gray

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If you’re like most people, you’re extremely busy, so you frequently use a microwave to heat something up or to cook a meal. But often when you do that, you have to look up the time it takes to cook certain foods.

If you don’t take the time to look it up, you might end up using more time than needed, so you waste energy and the food gets dry and hard. You’ll also have to figure out what settings to use with a microwave.

And if your hands are wet or dirty, you have to dry or clean them before touching the settings control. It’s pretty inconvenient. You don’t have time or the mental energy for all that.

A microwave is supposed to simplify life, not complicate it. You could buy one of the microwaves that have specific preset function buttons. So if you wanted to cook a roast, you would just hit that button.

Some microwaves have sensor buttons, which allows the microwave to judge the cooking time based on things like the steam coming from whatever is cooking. That’s easier than figuring it out yourself.

Or, you could get a voice controlled microwave. The AmazonBasics Microwave works with Alexa. You do need an Echo device with it, but this microwave is super convenient.

It has the ability to do many functions just by what you tell it to do. It’ll defrost side dishes, cook meat, reheat vegetables and even make the perfect bag of popcorn. All you have to do is tell Alexa to begin.

You can tell it what to do by giving it orders such as, “Alexa, reheat the potatoes” and Alexa figures out the correct time and the amount of power to use. So whatever you’re cooking or reheating gets done and uses only the amount of energy that’s needed.

But the microwave also has preset buttons, so you don’t have to look anything up. The display on the front of the microwave has an Ask Alexa button that you can press if you don’t want to use your voice.

The Alexa automatically works with your Echo dot, plus, a great feature is that this microwave can track how much popcorn you have and will place an order before you run out.

It’s a compact size that also has a timer, 10 power levels and a safety feature child lock.

Don’t settle for using microwaves that make you guess how long to cook and waste your time and energy – not when you can get a voice controlled microwave that with give you more time to enjoy the things that matter in life, save your energy and cook your food without overcooking and drying out your meals.


Instant Pot Smart Electric Cooker

Instant Pot Smart WiFi 8-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Sterilizer, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, Cake Maker, and Warmer, 6 Quart, 13 One-Touch Programs

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Getting a meal cooked can be a big production. It takes time, plus a lot of effort if you’re making more than one food item. That sometimes means you need to use several different kitchen gadgets in order to get everything done.

And even then, not everything will finish cooking at the same time, so you may end up having to reheat food. You can try to find something to cook everything at the same time – like a multi-cooker.

Or you could try to use something like a breakfast station if you’re focusing on making multiple items at the start of the day. Those would still take longer to get everything done.

You could also try an instant pot since those are so versatile. The Instant Pot Smart Electric Cooker takes the place of so many kitchen appliances. It’s smart enough and fast enough to do the job of 8 different appliances all by itself.

It has 13 programs that are designed to make your life easier and get your food on the table faster so that you can get out of the kitchen to enjoy your day. It’s built to cook foods and meals 70% faster than other appliances.

It can make a pot of stew in 20 minutes or make frozen food in half that time. Because it can do the job of 8 different appliances, it saves space on your countertop. It can do the job of a pressure cooker, and rice cooker as well as a crockpot.

It can make a cake or yogurt. But it can also sauté food, steam vegetables and warm food (and keep it warm). It also watches the cooking temperature and knows how long the cooking time should be.

During cooking, it’ll automatically raise or lower the temperature that it’s cooking with so that your foods come out done and delicious every time. This one is WIFI enabled and works hand in hand with Alexa.

You can use the app on your smart phone to command the cooker or you can use voice control. It comes with over 1,000 recipes. It can also send notifications to your phone and you can see what’s going on with the cooking process.

If you’re not ready for it to begin yet, you can use the delay start function. It comes with a steam rack as well as a measuring spoon, one for soup and a condensation collector. The safety features include a lid lock as well as protection from overheating.

There’s no need in light of today’s advances in technology to divide the cooking among several appliances and juggle your time and energy trying to make sure everything gets done at the same time. You’ll save yourself a lot of effort by getting an electric cooker.


Smart Temperature Controlled Mug

Smart Mug Warmer with Double Vacuum Insulation,VSITOO S3 Pro App Temperature Control Coffee Mug Warmer with Sliding Lid, 4-Hr Battery Life - 12oz - IPX7, Waterproof Design

If you’re like most people, you enjoy a cup of hot coffee, cocoa or tea. But it doesn’t take long for that hot beverage to cool down and before you know it, it’s too cold and you can’t drink it.

So then, you end up wasting money but pouring out the unused portion. You also waste time because it interrupts whatever you’re doing. If you’re at work, having to take repeated hot beverage breaks can make you lose your focus and shorten your productivity.

You need a way for your drink to stay hot as long as you’re drinking it. You could try to use a cup warmer. You just plug it in and it’ll reheat your drink. Or you could try to use a stainless steel coffee mug that keeps it warmer longer.

But you can also get a mug that’s designed to keep it heated or can heat up your beverage of choice so that it stays at your preferred temperature. The Smart Temperature Controlled Mug taps into the power of Smart technology to keep your beverage within an optimal range.

It uses a charging coaster to charge the cup and when the cup is finished charging, it’ll keep your beverage warm for as long as 4 hours at a time. If you need to keep your beverage hot for longer than 4 hours, you can just leave the mug on the charging coaster.

It offers convenience at the touch of a button. You just press it and it’ll respond and heat your drink. You do have to use the app that comes with it if you want to use some other features.

For example, this allows you access to the remote temperature feature. This lets you change the temperature from a distance – plus, it lets you choose some cool LED colors.

The mug has a built in temperature reading located at the bottom of it. It’ll flash, showing you whatever the temperature is as well as the current function the mug is operating in.

You don’t have to constantly turn your mug off or turn it back on when you need it. It has the SMART ability to place itself in sleep mode when you’re done using it and have finished the beverage.

Whenever you pour something into it or move it, the mug will wake itself back up. So it’s always prepared when you need it. The mug can hold 10 ounces of liquid. The outside is made of stainless steel, while inside is made of a ceramic.

It heats evenly, so your beverage will taste just as good and just as hot when you’re at the end of your drink as it was when you poured it. The heating temperature can be set from 95 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’ve been having a problem with your coffee getting cold, choose something that can put an end to that. You’ll save yourself the irritation of taking a mouthful of cold drink when you expected it hot.

Plus, you’ll stop wasting whatever your beverage is and you’ll be able to save yourself time and keep your productivity from getting disrupted.

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano | Bluetooth | 750W | Anova App Included

You want delicious, upscale restaurant-worthy food at home – but it’s difficult to duplicate the same taste, especially when it comes to meats like steak or certain types of fish.

When you attempt to cook meat, it ends up overcooked or under cooked. You spend a lot of guesswork trying to make sure you get it right and you have to stay on hand to keep checking on it so you end up stuck in the kitchen.

It’s not only a time consuming way to cook, it’s also inconvenient. What you need is a kitchen gadget that can cook meat to perfection each time. There are some kitchen appliances that can cook meat like a grill, which doesn’t dry meat out like other methods do.

But cooking it to the right temperature without it getting tough is still mainly guesswork. Plus, you’re limited. You can’t cook everything you’d like to make on a grill. You can try finding a cooking method that relies on the use of precision temperatures for cooking meat.

Most of these will have a precise cooking feature. You can also try a great kitchen tool like a sous vide precision cooker, which can cook meat as well as anything you’d find at a restaurant.

These tools work using a low temperature method with vacuum sealed bags and water. Use the cooker wand and follow the app for cooking instructions and time limits. The cooker gets the meat done right based on smart technology cooking.

The Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker uses smart technology to ensure that whatever meat you choose is cooked right the first time. It has a wide temperature range to choose from, since it can cook ranging from 32 degrees to 197 degrees Fahrenheit.

It eliminates the guesswork completely and cooks meat, vegetables and other foods like cheese or fruit to the precise temperature that’s optimal for taste, tenderness and quality.

This hands-off way of cooking means you won’t end up with part of the meat done on the outer edges, but not in the middle. The cooker seals in the flavor of the meat by keeping the juices in the bag, so your food comes out tender every time.

It has a large, easy to read interface on top and the device can be linked with your smart phone so you don’t have to constantly monitor the food. You can change the timer and other directions with the touch of your cell phone.

The cooker will let you know when the food is done – right down to the decimal for precision. Its small size gets the job done and is easy to store afterward. By purchasing this precision cooker, you not only get restaurant quality meat that’s never overdone or underdone, but you also save time and energy.


Smart Bluetooth Food Thermometer

Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer - Digital Display, Stainless Dual Probes Safe to Leave in Outdoor Barbecue Meat Smoker - Wireless Remote Alert iOS Android Phone WiFi App - NutriChef PWIRBBQ60

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There’s nothing like cooking up a delicious steak or chicken in the oven or on the grill. It’s a great way to cook food for family or friends at a gathering. But, not all cooking methods work to get the temperature right.

Not only can this lead to overcooked meat (even if you’re standing right beside it while it cooks), but you might end up with meat that has portions of it that are under cooked if you don’t judge the time and temperature correctly.

Sometimes recipe cooking times are just plain wrong – and that’s a problem. You don’t want to risk anyone’s health by giving them under cooked meat. When the meat doesn’t cook the way that it’s supposed to, then you end up having to kind of wing it and keep adding a few more minutes and hope it doesn’t dry out.

Or you end up spending money to go grab something to eat if your guesstimate is off and the meat isn’t edible. You need to be able to reliably monitor how the meat cooks without hovering over it.

One thing you can do is get a proper food thermometer. You can try the kind that you stick into the meat and press a button and it gives you a reading. But you will have to poke the meat in various places to attempt to get an accurate reading.

Some thermometers are better than others because they have a two prong system that checks the meat in more than one place at the same time. The Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer is a two probe system, which is better than single probe thermometers.

These probes can remain in the grill or oven while the meat cooks because it’s designed to handle high temperatures. You can connect it with your smartphone, and this enables you to stay inside and do something else and still be able to monitor the cooking process while the meat cooks on the grill outside.

It has a 200’ wireless range and if you step out of range, your phone will alert you.

You’ll also get an alert if the cooking temperature falls out the parameters that you’ve set.

When the food is finished cooking, an alarm will sound on your phone. That’s because the internal sensors can tell when the meat reaches the correct temperature. You can monitor the food using Fahrenheit or Celsius and this monitoring can be set for more than one meat at a time.

The display has a large surface for reading at a glance. With the right thermometer, you can say goodbye to underdone or overdone meat – whether you grill outside or cook inside.

You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration, not to mention give yourself time to do other things rather than constantly have to watch the meat cook.


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