Why Choose A Smart Bathroom Mirror

If you’re like most people, you get ready for your day in front of the bathroom mirror- putting on makeup, fixing your hair or, if you’re a man, you might shave first thing.

Which Is The Best Vanity Bathroom Mirror?

The answer to this question for choosing the best bathroom mirror is a simple one. Go to your normal place that you would look for the smart products for your home, like Amazon, eBay, Wallmart etc, and look at the genuine customer reviews to read what they have to say.

This is “THE” best way to check out what people think about the product you are thinking of buying.

However, make sure you look at the warranty if you have more than one you like. Obviously choose the one with the longest warranty as this may be handy should you have any issues ahead.

If your bathroom is anything like mine, after taking a shower you have no chance of using the mirror for a good ten minutes as it is totally steamed up. Enter the smart vanity bathroom mirror.

You also wind down your day in the bathroom taking a bath or shower, brushing your teeth, putting on lotion and doing other beauty and skincare habits.

When there’s not enough light for your bathroom vanity, you can end up poking yourself in the eye with a makeup pencil, putting on your makeup with a heavier hand, missing makeup lines, missing spots of hair when shaving and more.

No Mirror Fogging

Then while you’re in the middle of doing your routine, the mirror fogs so you have to pause and wipe it down so you can see again. It’s all very inconvenient. There are some ways that you could solve this problem.

You could have better lighting installed in your bathroom. You could switch to using another room in the house to accomplish your routines. Or, you could get a bathroom mirror that gives you the right amount of light and doesn’t fog up on you.

MAGGIIC Crystal Inlay UL Listed 28 x 36 Inch Horizontal&Vertical Dimmable LED Bathroom Makeup Vanity Mirror Wall Mounted Mirror Anti-Fog+IP44 Waterproof +CRI>90

Smart Vanity Bathroom Mirror

The Smart Vanity Mirror is perfect for your bathroom. It uses an LED light, which gives you just the right amount of lighting. It has a Smart Touch Switch that allows you to use that feature.

This same switch will also give you the ability to defog the mirror, so you won’t have trouble seeing and you won’t have to wipe it down.

Outdoor Weather Forecast

On top of those handy features, the device also gives you the outdoor weather forecast.

The will show you if the weather is cloudy, sunny, raining, snowing, sleeting and more. This information can be useful to help guide you in knowing how to dress for the day.

Knowing the outside temperature can also help you at night so you know what temperature to set your home thermostat on.

Humidity Reader

No more having to track down the temperature or nights spent being too hot or too cold. But it also has both an indoor and outdoor humidity reading. The calendar function shows the day of the week and the month and date.

The mirror also has a date and time and an alarm clock feature. While the mirror’s light is great to use for putting on makeup and other beauty care habits, it has a sleep mode.

This way, when it’s time for the bed, the mirror’s light won’t be so bright that it keeps you awake. You can stop the frustration of not being able to see well enough in a bathroom mirror to do what you need to do by choosing an option that meets your need.

The Smart Mirror can save you time and help keep you comfortable day and night thanks to all of its features.

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